LEO Archive of Lenaerts Notebooks

This is a temporary archive of the notebooks written by Ernest Lenaerts relating to his work on the LEO computers between 1950 and the 1960s. Each .zip file contains scanned images of one of the notebooks, between 90 and 95 images depending on the number of pages in each book.

Images were scanned at 100dpi which seems to produce a decent image. Any difficulties reading the text can be blamed on Lenaerts's handwriting!

Note: number of pages in books vary, early ones produced 95 images, later ones went to 79 images, and there were minor variations. Also, many of the notebooks had been used from both ends, so the last few images are often upside-down!

All notebooks are now complete.

Please let me know if you find any images that are faulty and I will rescan as needed.


Last update 11th March, 2013