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by Charles Dockstader
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UpDated Mar 20, 2009     Windows Ver 2.7.3

         Central Pacific RR  229  4-8-0   1882
       Feb 2, 2007 at Bitter Creek Western RR

In 1986 I wrote the first of the MS-Dos versions of the software to simulate Baker valve gear. Since then I have made continuous additions and improvements to add other types of valve gear and improve functionality and ease of use. In early 1999 I started converting one of the valve gears to the Windows format. I have made the software available by placing it in the public domain as freeware. There are no restrictions on the use of the software. I, the author accept no responsibility for any claim arising from the use of the software.

The programs can be used with the default settings to view operation and characteristics of any of the types of valve gear supported. They may also be used to check or change designs as all the dimensions in the gear can be modified. Performance for all types can be viewed using several different types of diagrams.

The default dimensions used in the programs are in inches and most are 1.5 inch scale. They can be user modified to suite the scale desired or for use with the metric system.

Types of Valve Gear Supported
Start Menu, Instructions, Icon,
Zeuner Diagram, etc.
File 10
Walschaert Inside Admission File 10A
Walschaert Outside Admission
Stephenson Inside Admission
Stephenson Outside Admission
SlipEccentric with and without Rocker Outside Admission
Baker Inside Admission File 10B
Baker Outside Admission
Southern Outside Admission
Joy1 Outside Admission
Hackworth Outside Admission File 10C
Marshall/Hackworth2 Outside Admission
Bremme/Klug Outside Admission
Woolf Outside Admission
Allan Outside Admission File 10D
Gooch Outside Admission
Young Inside Admission
Crampton Outside Admission
Caprotti Rotating Cams, Poppet Valve File 10F
"R-C' Rotating Cam Rotating Cams, Poppet Valve
Single Acting Rotary Valve
A J Stevens 1885 Outside Admission double valve
Southern  Inside Admission File 10G
Bagnall Outside Admission
Baguley Outside Admission
Baguley Modified Outside Admission
Blackstaffe Outside Admission
Milling Inside Admission
Greenly Outside Admission File 10H
Heywood Outside Admission
Joy1 Inside Admission
Stephenson Special Outside Admission
Double Acting Rotary Valve File 10I
Fink Outside Admission
Dake Square Piston
Western River Steam Boat Poppet Valve Calif. CutOff
Helmholtz Outside Admission File 10J
El Gobernador(A.J.Stevens1882) Outside Admission double valve
Golsdorf Outside Admission
Kitson Outside Admission
Walschaert GWR 4 Cyl Inside Admission
Gresley 3 Cylinder Inside Admission File 10K
Bulleid 3 Cylinder Outside Admission
Southern Variable Lead Inside Admission
Hagans Swivel Frame  
Lentz 4 Cylinder Compound Poppet Valve
Stephenson British Outside Admission
Aspinal Outside Admission File 10L
Skinner Uniflow 2 Cyl Poppet Valve
J M G Outside Admission
Crellin Outside Admission
Stephenson GWR Inside Admission
Stephenson GWR Outside Admission
Sissons Outside Admission File 10M
Twining Inside Admission
Joy2 Outside Admission
Klose Articulated Outside Admission
Bremme Inside Admission
Walschaert Special, Ecc Drive Inside Admission
Joy1, Straight Link Outside Admission


The programs require Windows 95 or higher. The instructions at this time are limited and will be expanded in the future. The Windows programs were created using Borland Delphi 5 Pro. Since some of these Windows programs are new, there are probably some bugs in them.

The programs are in Fourteen files, , to The total programs expand to about 44MB. To use, create a folder on your hard drive and download the ZIP files into the folder. From inside the folder use an UNZIP program to unzip the files. Windows XP will unzip. To start the program use VGSTART.EXE. Or make a short cut to VGSTART.EXE and place the short cut on the desk top.

Download Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10, 0.42 MB, Version 2.7.3

Download Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10A, 1.57 MB, Version 2.7.3

Download Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10B, 1.26 MB, Version 2.7.3

Download Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10C, 1.25 MB, Version 2.7.3

Download Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10D, 1.28 MB, Version 2.7.3

Download Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10E, 1.33 MB, Version 2.7.3

Download Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10F, 1.29 MB, Version 2.7.3

Download Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10G, 1.89 MB, Version 2.7.3

DownLoad Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10H, 1.25 MB, Version 2.7.3

DownLoad Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10I, 1.24 MB, Version 2.7.3

DownLoad Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10J, 1.55 MB, Version 2.7.3

DownLoad Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10K, 1.82 MB, Version 2.7.3

DownLoad Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10L, 1.92 MB, Version 2.7.3

DownLoad Windows Valve Gear Programs File 10M, 2.21 MB, Version 2.7.3

Created Original Site Nov 10 2000

Windows UpDating

Jun 18 2004
Added Western River Steamboat Calif. CutOff.
Jun 21 2004
-2.6- Added a visual ERROR indicator. Added Error.wav for error sound in place of the Windows Beep. Some times the Windows Beep would not sound.
Dec 8 2004
-2.6- Added Helmholtz Outside Admission. Added A.J.Stevens 1882 that was on CPRR 237 El Gobernador 4-10-0. Modified main menu.
May 10 2005
Added Golsdorf Outside Admission.
Jun 6 2005
-2.6.3 Added Kitson.
July 18 2005
Added Gresley.
Sep 28 2005
Added Bulleid.
Oct 5 2005
No longer support MSDos versions.
Oct 5 2005
Down loadable files are in ZIP format. No longer supplied as self executable files.
Oct 5 2005
Jan 28 2006
Added Southern Variable Lead.
Feb 28 2006
Added Hagans Swivel Frame.
Mar 29 2006
Added Lentz 4 Cylindeer Compound.
Sep 20 2006
Added Aspinal.
Nov 2 2006
Added Skinner.
Apr 4 2007
More title information to Frame and Cylinder Dim.
Apr 6 2007
Added J M G.
Apr 7 2007
Added Crellin.
Apr 10 2007
Apr 16 2007
Added Sissons.
Jul 12 2007
Added Twining.
Jul 16 2007
Fixed error of lap and exhaust data in Sine and Oval diagrams that used inside admission cylinders.
Jul 27 2007
Added more data to most Steam Diagrams.
Jul 29 2007
Nov 27 2007
Added Joy2 Outside Admission.
Dec 12 2007
Added ReverseArmNorm/Max paragraph to instructions.
Feb 1 2008
Added Klose Articuilated.
Mar 15 2008
Added Bremme Inside Admission.
Mar 15 2008
Added Walschaert Inside Adm Special.
Mar 15 2008
Added Joy1 Outside Adm Straight Link.
Mar 15 2008
Fixed Joy2 Outside Adm. Was corrupt.
May 31 2008
Changed some labeling on some of the Sine and Oval diagrams.
Aug 15 2008
Added Baguley Modified Outside Adm.
Aug 29 2008
Added Blackstaffe Outside Admission.
Jan 23 2009
Corrected some code in Walschaert Out for Rev Arm centering when Lift Arm is negative and points to the rear.
Feb 3 2009
Added SlipEccentric with and without Rocker.
Feb 17 2009
Added Stephenson British.
Feb 22 2009
Added Stephenson GWR Inside Admission.
Feb 28 2009
Added Stephenson GWR Outside Admission.
Mar 20 2009
Added Walschaert GWR 4 Cyl Inside Admission.

Valve Gear on the Computer has been placed in the public domain by the author and it is not to be sold.     Charles J Dockstader

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